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Chapter 1: Bicycle Safety Around Large Vehicles

Photo: Bill Hudgins

Readers, we thank you for driving along with 'Ol' Blue'« and RJ!

Our special thanks to "Officer Brown", played by Officer Ken Wallace and "Officer Blue" played by Officer Dan Francisco of the California Highway Patrol. Without their help in this reenactment, we could not have shown this dangerous situation faced by operators of large vehicles, and you, every day.

It is important to mention that this was a reenactment; Officer Brown was not wearing a safety helmet while riding his bicycle. You should always wear a safety helmet when operating a bicycle.

Additional thanks go to the following people for their generous contributions: photographs by Don Rector, Stan Holtzman and Bill Hudgins. Text written or edited by Gary Bricken, Pam Hagen and Kathy Harders.

A heartfelt thanks to Kathy Harders at www.loads.org for her Teams efforts in "kid testing" the website, Coloring and Story Books.

The Kids Safety Center website at Ol' Blue, USA truly demonstrates . . .

"People Working Together For Highway Safety"®

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