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  •   Ol' Blue, USA NEWS for March, 2006

    Internet Press Release from Ol’ Blue, USA

    Plans, and Setbacks, for Ol' Blue, USATM


    Van Nuys, Calif., March 2006 - Due to a lack of sponsorship and commitments, Ol' Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance, Inc.) has had to scale back its 2006 cross-country Safety Tour but has expanded its “Ask The Law”™ program and number of truck show appearances.

    The Ol' Blue, USA “Safety Center”™, an annual attraction for more than a decade, will not be displaying at the 2006 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, KY. The reason: The show's management breached its 11-year contract with Ol' Blue, USA, which ran through 2010.

    In a last ditch effort to prevent this, Ol’ Blue, USA’s team met with the show’s management last September, at which time show management claimed that they never signed a contract, much less even had a Sponsorship Agreement. Nevertheless, Ol’ Blue, USA continued its attempts to ensure its place at the 2006 MATS, but to no avail. Finally in February, talks ended.

    “It is very disturbing and disheartening that MATS show management has acted in the manner they have,” remarked RJ Taylor, founder of Ol’ Blue, USA. “Especially since we do have a contract and MATS has been a long-time supporter of our organization and has acknowledged over the years that the Ol’ Blue, USA “Safety Center”™ has helped bring higher attendance to the show. Show management has even promoted the Safety Center™ in its advertisements and promotions.”

    You can read about the signing of the 11-year contract between MATS and Ol’ Blue, USA in the original August 1998 press release announcement, from the MATS, on the Web at http://www.olblueusa.org/news/sept1998.html .

    “Ol’ Blue, USA and its team would like to deeply apologize to all the attendees of MATS that have depended on our Safety Center™ for the last 12-years to bring them information about safety and the laws that govern them,” Taylor said.

    Ol’ Blue, USA’s Web Cam captured the activity in the “Safety Center”™ at the 2005 show. It can be viewed at: http://www.olblueusa.org/video/mats2005.html .

    The Safety Center™ is Ol’ Blue, USA’s antique 1951 tractor and 53-foot “rolling billboard” trailer that showcases Supporter logos. The rig serves as the stage for mock truck inspections and other safety demonstrations

    Due to MATS’ breach of its Sponsorship Agreement with Ol’ Blue, USA’s Safety Center™, Ol’ Blue is unable to attend the North American Truck Show (NATS) in Boston, MA, in April because of the lack of funding.

    “Since 1995, the NATS and its show manager, Greg Coughlin, have hosted the Safety Center™ without asking anything in return except to help their attendees,” Taylor pointed out. “NATS is truly a class act show.”

    “Again, our Ol’ Blue, USA team sincerely apologizes to all the attendees of the North American Truck Show, and its management team, for not being able to attend this year. We will miss you all.”

    “Thanks to the great support of Alcoa™ Wheel Products, Shell ROTELLA T ™ and the Truck Show - Las Vegas, Ol’ Blue, USA will have its “Safety Center”™ at this year’s Truck Show - Las Vegas, The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, the International Trucking Show in Los Angeles and the Truck Show - Latino in Pomona, CA,” noted Taylor

    In the next two weeks, complete details about the Safety Center™ can be found on the Internet at http://www.olblueusa.org/SafetyCenter.html .

    “Ask The Law”™

    Ol’ Blue, USA is broadening its Ask The Law ™ program. An ongoing educational effort between Ol’ Blue, USA and commercial law enforcement agencies, Ask The Law ’s specific purpose is to have truckers call in during radio programs or e-mail Ask The Law and pose questions to law enforcement officials relating to safety and legal issues concerning commercial vehicles. You can visit the program at www.AskTheLaw.org .

    The Ask The Law ™ radio program, with Sr. Trooper Monty Dial of the Texas Highway Patrol, will be heard on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Open Road Cafe March 22 through 25. Show times can be found at www.SafetyTour.org .

    Starting in April, Ask The Law ™ will have a regular column in 10-4 Magazine , Movin’ Out and The Trucker . The top questions from the Ask The Law ™ e-mail bag and radio programs will be answered in these columns by law enforcement agencies. The April column can be viewed at http://www.olblueusa.org/AskTheLaw/QA.html .

    “ It is very rare to find trucking publications that will join together to provide a public service, for a common goal, educating CDL drivers about safety and the laws that govern them,” Taylor said.

    Founded in 1986, Ol’ Blue, USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to highway safety education, and to improving relations between the motoring public, law enforcement and commercial drivers. It works toward these goals by conducting free programs at truck industry events, truck stops, community events, public schools, and radio programs around the country.

    For more information on Ol’ Blue, USA and its many programs, visit www.OlBlueUSA.org or send an E-mail to info@olblueusa.org .

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