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    Brought to you as a Public Service by:

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    It is very rare to find trucking publications that will join together to provide a public service, for a common goal educating the CDL drivers about safety and the laws that govern them.

    We are very fortunate in having many law enforcement agencies working with us who are dedicated to promoting highway safety and to educating drivers. This becomes apparent once you read our monthly columns.

    Every month we will take 3 - 4 questions from our E-mail bag or radio programs and turns them into a monthly column.

    October 2017: ELD Enforcement, Fire Extinguisher and New Rule on ELD Questions

    August 2017: GATS, Personal Use, ABS Lamp, Gages Not Working and More Questions

    July 2017: GATS, CA Combos Maximum Length and Laden CMV Definition Questions

    June 2017: Sun-Visor, DOT Physical, Placards and HOS Rule Questions

    May 2017: Train Horns, CMV Height and Split Sleeper Berth Questions

    April 2017: Communicate in English, Checking ABS and 10 HR Break Questions

    March 2017: State of Emergency, CA Bridge Law and Team in Sleeper Birth Questions

    February 2017: In Memory of One of Our Original Team Members, Lights and Out of Hours Questions

    January 2017: Placards, Logbooks and White Sheets Questions

    December 2016: Warning of the Man Ahead, FMCSA Rules and OOS Questions

    November 2016: Logbook Rules, DOT Inspections and Rules Online

    October 2016: Update on New Seatbelt Rule, Diabetes Rule and Other Questions

    August 2016: GATS, New Seatbelt Rule and More.

    July 2016: Logbook and Brake Questions

    June 2016: Split Sleeper Berth Rules, HOS, and Electronic Logging Device Questions

    May 2016: Length, Fines, Logbook and Oversize Loads Questions

    April 2016: Filing a Complaint and Axle Weight Questions

    March 2016: Logbook & CMV for Personal Conveyance Questions

    February 2016: CA Vehicle Code Info, Logbook & Definition of Personal Use Questions

    January 2016: Lunch & Rest Breaks, Calif. Axle Laws and Logbook Violation Questions

    December 2015: Out-of-Service and Not Updating Logbook Questions

    November 2015: Covering Cargo, 30-Minute Break and Level 3 Inspection Questions

    October 2015: Headlight Use, DOT Regs and CMV Height Standards Questions

    September 2015: Logbook, Blown Out Tire, KPRA and Strap Securement Questions

    August 2015: Dallas Show, 34-HR Restart, Lights and Failed Drug Test Questions

    July 2015: Vehicle Codes Online, Logbooks, Laden or Unladen and Pre-Trip Questions

    June 2015: Flat Tires, Singling out Duals, and Parking at Scales Law Enforcement Questions

    May 2015: Weight Ratings, Overnight Parking and Air Quality Enforcement Questions

    April 2015: Weigh Station Rules and Out-of-Service Questions

    March 2015: Level I Inspection, Flashing Lights and Personal Use Questions

    February 2015: A Thank You & Logging Jury Duty, New 35-Hour Reset Rules, Weigh Station Traffic Questions

    January 2015: Out-of-Service and Logbook Questions

    December 2014: Logging Inspections, CDL and Pickup Truck Questions

    November 2014: Safety "Scores" and Haz-Mat

    October 2014: Overweight Ticket, Lights and Electronic Logs

    September 2014: HOS, Speed Limit Sign, Brake Inspection and Medication

    August 2014: Phone Camera, Logbook and Trailer Axle Distance

    July 2014: Logbooks, DOT Physicals and Required Lunch Breaks

    June 2014: Haz-Mat, Cal Vehicle Code, CMV Requirements and C-Pac

    May 2014: Logbooks, Color Blind CDL Holder and Post-Trip

    April 2014: Air Brakes, Logbooks and California Law on Fenders

    March 2014: Adverse Driving Conditions (Driving in Bad Weather)

    February 2014: HOS, Fire Extinguisher and Parking on Side of the Road

    January 2014: Logbook and Alcohol Use.

    December 2013: Recapping Hours, the Alternative to the "new" 34-HR Restart.

    November 2013: Diabetes, Haz-Mat, Logbook and Scales.

    October 2013: Logbooks and Cell Phones.

    September 2013: CMV Inspection, Firearm and HOS.

    August 2013: See You in Dallas, Safety Meeting & 34 Hour Restart, Logbook Page Seized, Altering Electronic Logging System.

    July 2013: Color Blind Restrictions, HOS Rules and Mandatory Lunch Break.

    June 2013: 3 answers to a common question: Are Train Horns Legal on a CMV?

    May 2013: 34 Hour Reset During Drug Test -- Failed Drug Test -- Driver Using Two Logbooks.

    April 2013: Interrupting Drivers Sleep Time -- 34 hour Restarts -- Logging Inspections.

    March 2013: A Well-Deserved Thank You -- Sleep Apnea Test for CMV Drivers -- Penalties for Not Updating Logs -- California Length Law for Truck & Trailer.

    February 2013: Right Lane Law -- Logging Drop & Hook Info -- Driver Testing -- Overweight Citations.

    January 2013: Logging Crossing State Lines -- Tie Down Requirements -- Drug Testing Records -- Overweight CMV Drivers.

    December 2012: Tire Chain Requirements -- Haz-Mat Record Keeping -- Logbook Page Seized by Trooper -- Update on DVIR Requirements.

    November 2012: Keeping Old Logbooks -- A CMV as a Personal Conveyance -- Extra Details in Your Logbook.

    October 2012: Logging Toll Roads -- Keeping Your Logbook Current -- Rules Regarding Sun Visors.

    September 2012: California CDL Points System -- Driver Using Insulin -- Logbook Recap.

    August 2012: We Hope to see you in Dallas -- Logging Waiting Time at my Company -- Tail-Gating in a CMV -- Adjusting Brakes on a CMV.

    July 2012: We Hope to see you in DallasĀ --Ā Saving Hours While being LoadedĀ --Ā Team-Driver in Sleeper BirthĀ -- California Bridge Law with 48' Trailer.

    June 2012: See you at GWTS in Las Vegas -- Keeping the Post-Trip Inspection Report in the Truck -- The Truth About White Sheets -- Affixing Placards on a Semi-Trailer.

    May 2012: Finding the California Vehicle Codes Online -- Who Can Inspect My Logbook? -- Proper Definition of Laden CMV.

    April 2012: Important Notice About The New HOS Final Rule on 12/28/11 -- The New 34-Hour Restart (Revised) and Conflicting Signals at a Scale.

    March 2012: Revised Hours-of-Service -- The New 34-Hour Restart Process.

    February 2012: Revised Hours-of-Service Rules -- Maximum Length of Combos in CA -- Proper Logbook Procedures -- Logging Oil Field Work & Company Changing Accident Status.

    January 2012: Logging Lunch and Rest Breaks -- King Pin to Rear Axle Law in California -- Logging Time in Sleeper Berth as Off-Duty -- CSA Scoring on Logbook Violations.

    December 2011: Out-of-Service for Incomplete Logbook -- Violating an Out-of-Service Order -- Out-of-Service for Not Properly Securing a Spare Tire -- Penalties for Not Having a Logbook.

    November 2011: It's Time to Say "thank you" -- Is a Logbook a Legal Document -- Logging Safety Meeting -- Padlock on Tanker Haz-Mat Loads in California.

    October 2011: Tire Check with Haz-Mat Loads -- Contaminated Brakes -- Pet Exemption for Idling in California.

    September 2011: Intrastate Hours of Service Rule -- Logging Multiple Stops in One City -- Logging Time for a Pre-Trip -- Failed DOT Medical Exam.

    August 2011: Hope to see you in Dallas -- Operating Lift Axle from Inside Cab -- Placards on a CMV -- Flatbed Securement -- DAC Report Information.

    July 2011: Hope to see you in Dallas -- Cab Lights -- Brake Chambers -- Air Loss Test and Tire Pressure.

    June 2011: Hope to see you in Las Vegas -- Number of Days Driving Between Restarts -- Stopping on Railroad Tracks -- Operating a CMV when Ill or Fatigued -- Colored Lights on the Back of My CMV.

    May 2011: Join Us in Las Vegas, Nevada -- Proper Use of Seat Belts -- Where To Find CSA Scores -- Logging Time Awaiting Dispatch -- Logging Naps & Bathroom Breaks.

    April 2011: Possible Change to HOS -- E-Logs and Daily Recaps -- Working Over 14 Hours -- Pre & Post Trip Inspections.

    March 2011: Annual Inspection for CMV's -- Holding on to Old Logbooks -- A Harsh Level 1 Inspection -- Defying a "State Of Emergency".

    February 2011: Interrupting a 10-Hour Break -- Conflicting Signals at a Scale -- Behind the Wheel with a CDL Permit Holder -- Spread Axle Laws in California.

    January 2011: Extra Information in Logbook -- Logging Off-Duty Time -- Logging Loading & Unloading Time.

    December 2010: Time to Sign your Logbook -- Out of Hours When Close to Home -- How Should I log My Time Waiting for a Load -- Green ID Lights on a CMV Cab.

    November 2010: Driver Refusing to Drive -- CSA 2010 -- ID & Clearance Lights on Cab of a CMV & Logbook Pages.

    October 2010: Join us in Pomona, California -- Off-Duty Time & the 60/70 Hour Rule -- Checking A Trailer's ABS System -- Refusing to Drive in Bad Weather -- Team Drivers & the 34-Hour Restart Rule.

    September 2010: Join us in Pomona, California -- Brake Light Out During Level 1 Inspection -- Truck Lane Restriction in California -- Logbook Rules for Non-CDL Drivers -- Can I Drive Over the 14-Hour Rule?

    August 2010: Join us in Dallas at GATS -- CSA 2010 Points & Personal Vehicles -- DUI Limits for CDL drivers -- Wrong Weight on the Bill of Lading -- Mounting & Use of Seat Belt in a CMV.

    July 2010: Logbook Page Seized by Officer -- Fireworks in the Cab of CMV -- Adjusting Brakes on a CMV -- Driving with a Blown Out Tire.

    June 2010: Oversize Load Violation and CSA 2010 -- Driver Using Two Logbooks -- Logbook Not Current -- Who Chock's the Trailer Wheels.

    May 2010: CSA 2010, English, and CMV Height questions answered by law enforcement officials.

    April 2010: Train Horns on Commercial Motor Vehicles Answered by Retired Law Enforcement.

    March 2010: My Motor Carrier is Abusing DOT Regulations -- Behind the Wheel with a CDL Permit -- Warning of Law Enforcement Ahead with Flashing Headlights -- CSA 2010 Driver's Score.

    February 2010: Forced to Drive Over the 14-Hour Rule -- Starting and Stopping Your 14-Hour Clock -- Interrupting My 34-Hour Restart.

    January 2010: Logging Your Correct Status -- Myth About Logging Inspections -- Driving To The Public Scale When Overweight.

    December 2009: Paperwork Needed for DOT Inspection -- Myth About Co-Driver Logging Off-Duty -- Company Rig Not Properly Maintained.

    November 2009: New 80 Page On-Line Logbook Presentation -- Confused About 34-Hour Restart -- Off-Duty and Sleeper Time for C0-Driver -- Traveling Without Shipping Papers and Myth About Time Limit to Fill Out Logbook.

    October 2009: Upcoming Truck Show Latino -- Hours-of-Service and SafeStat.

    September 2009: Upcoming Truck Show Latino -- CDL Points for Overweight Tickets -- Using Two Log Pages for Same Date -- Sleep Apnea Testing -- Rewriting Your Logs.

    August 2009: Some GWTS & GATS Truck Show Updates -- Using Split Sleeper Berth Rule -- CMV Roadside Inspection and Address Requirements on Logbook.

    July 2009: Rules for Driving a Company Car -- Flagging Reefer Refueling Time -- Oversize Load Requirements -- Idling in California with a CPAP unit.

    June 2009: Sergeant Pete Camm Retires -- Interrupting a 10-Hour Break -- Conflicting Signals at a Scale -- CVSA Inspection Sticker.

    May 2009: CHP Myth set Straight -- Logging Split Sleeper Berth -- Updating Logbook for Next Day.

    April 2009: Logbook and DOT Inspections -- Logbook and Previous 7 Days -- Carrying a Spare Tire in Calif. -- Logging Time When Fueling.

    March 2009: Passenger In Upper Bunk When Moving -- DOT Extra Light Enforcement -- Pre-Trip Inspection -- Road Signs in California.

    February 2009: King Pin and Spread Axle Laws in California -- New CDL Holders -- CDL Grace Period -- Mismatched Air Brake Chamber and Slack Adjuster.

    January 2009: ABS System Light On -- Permitted Side Lights on a CMV in California -- Logging Lunch with Other Duties.

    December 2008: Penalties for Not Updating Logs -- Logging when Rendering Assistance -- CDL record and Points.

    November 2008: CMV under 26,000 lbs., Do I need a Logbook? -- Logging Team Co-Driver in Jump Seat -- Adjusting my CMV's Brakes.

    October 2008: FMCSA's Internet Interpretations -- Welcome aboard - CHP Officer James Portilla -- California DOT Inspection -- Colored Lights on the back of my CMV -- Using the Split Sleeper Birth on Regional Runs.

    September 2008: Sr. Trooper Monty Dial Retires -- Having Lunch in a Day-cab and Logging Off-Duty -- Should I Log My Time in the Sleeper if -- Extra Lights Under my Truck.

    August 2008: Logging Time When Dropping Trailers and Pre-Trip -- Logging Off-Duty Waiting in Fuel Line -- Driving a CMV after 14-Hours On-Duty -- Filling Out the Logbook re-Cap Section -- HOS - 60-Hour/7 Day Limit to a 70-Hour/8 Day Limit.

    July 2008: Split Sleeper Berth Time Gets Confusing -- Logging Miles vs. Time and Logging Shot Periods of Time (less then 15 minutes).

    June 2008: News Release -- Logging a Non-CMV Company Vehicle over my 14-Hours -- Does having a Dog Exempts me from Idling Laws and Having Recap Tires on Steer Axle of a CMV.

    May 2008: Length Law, 14-Hour Rule & 34-Hour Restart

    April 2008: Guidance with Logbook's in Remarks Section - Backing off Spring Brakes and Clarification - About On-Board Recording Device.

    March 2008: Sleeper Berth Time - Idling in California and Splitting Sleeper Berth Time.

    February 2008: Logging Pre-Trip Inspection Time, 34-Hour Rule on Week-End Military Service, Can My Company Alter Electronic Logging System and Interstate HOS Rules in California.

    January 2008: Driving Limits in Calif., Getting Adequate Rest and Drug Testing and Privacy questions.

    December 2007: Making Changes to Your Logbook, Using the 34-Hour Restart in California, Fueling Up During a 34-Hour Brake and Lunch Breaks for Company Drivers.

    November 2007: HOS update, Tread Depth, Out-of-Service and Flasher Questions

    October 2007: Cab Lights, 10-Hour Break and Logbook questions

    September 2007: Calif. CMV Speed Limit and HOS questions answered by law enforcement officials

    August 2007: CVSA Inspection and HOS

    July 2007: CMV Insurance, 16-Hour Rule and Update on APU's  Special Announcement & Clarification

    June 2007: Logbook Inspections by Law Enforcement, Pick-up Truck & Two Trailers and Unloading in the Street

    May 2007: Requirements on a Logbook Page, Out of Service at the Weigh Station for HOS and Are all CMV's Required to Stop at Weigh Stations

    Apr 2007: Placement of Fire Extinguisher and Hours-of-Service.

    Mar 2007: HOS and Driving in Bad Weather

    Feb 2007: Driving Over 14 Hour Rule, HOS and 2nd Job - IFTA Sticker

    Jan 2007: Calif. Legal, HOS and Seizure

    Dec 2006: Out of Hours at the Customer's Location, Can I Extend My 14-hour Day and 34-Hour Reset

    Nov 2006: HOS, Gun in a CMV and Placards

    Oct 2006: Company Wrote me up, Logbook Violation, DMV's Driver Records and Off Duty All Day, Then Drive at Night

    Sept 2006: Questions about Hours you can work, DOT guidance on logging, log book and team driver quits

    Aug 2006: Questions about New Laws, Traffic School, Out-of-Service

    July 2006: Questions about Alcohol, Home Terminal and Cheating Logbook

    June 2006: Questions about Lights, Disputing Information and Out-Of-Service Orders

    May 2006: Hours Of Service & Post-Trip Inspections.

    April 2006 : CMV Use, Passing in Calif. with a CMV, and Sleeper berth time



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