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    The Great American Trucking Show

    The Great American Trucking Show
    in Dallas, Texas

    Show Times
    Thursday, Aug. 26, 12pm - 5pm
    Friday, Aug. 27, 10am - 5pm
    Saturday, Aug. 28, 10am - 5pm
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    Register and Pick up your free Sponsor's hat from Ol' Blue, USA at our "Safety Center" Booth in the show.

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  •   Ol' Blue, USA NEWS for August, 2006

    Internet Press Release from Ol’ Blue, USA


    Ol’ Blue, USA™ Keeps Movin’ On


    August 2006 - Ol’ Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance, Inc. ) has been busy, continuing on with its mission to spread highway safety education and to improve relations between the motoring public, law enforcement and commercial drivers.

    Vital HOS Survey On-Line: So many questions -- so few answers!  Please respond to our Survey and we will assist you in every way possible.  your honest responses will enable us to provide you with answers, and to better structure our programs to meet your needs, as a CDL driver.  Your answers will be 100% confidential.  Please take the survey at http://www.olblueusa.org/survey/

    The Truck Show - Las Vegas

    In June, the Ol’ Blue, USA “Safety Center”™ participated in The Truck Show - Las Vegas.

    The one-stop for highway safety education, the Safety Center™ gives visitors the opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns on safety and legal issues pertaining to commercial motor vehicles to law enforcement officials. The Safety Center™ also features logbook presentations and simulated roadside vehicle inspections, conducted with the assistance of state law enforcement officers, to help educate truck drivers on important safety procedures.

    “The Truck Show - Las Vegas was an excellent show, with great attendance - even with fuel prices soaring,” commented RJ Taylor, founder of Ol’ Blue, USA. “I think this was the best show for them so far. ”

    Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) participated in the Safety Center™ and provided 2,500 “give-a-ways” to the attendees. “The amount of visitors to the Safety Center™ was so large that NHP ran out of these goodies on the show’s third day,” Taylor noted.

    Estimates are that some 5,000 show attendees visited the Ol’ Blue, USA Safety Center™, with a good many of them taking the time to ask safety and law-related questions. “Safety and legal issues concerning commercial motor vehicles are serious business,” said Taylor, “but it is always discussed in a non-confrontational and enjoyable atmosphere thanks to our team members and law enforcement personnel.” Many thanks to Sgt. Jim Brokaw (Nebraska State Patrol) and Sgt. Roll, Trooper’s Elmer Johnson and John Sherven (Nevada Highway Patrol).

    Archived photos of the Safety Center™ at The Truck Show - Las Vegas can be viewed on the Ol’ Blue, USA WebCam at http://www.olblueusa.org/video/tts2006.html.

    The Great American Trucking Show (GATS)

    By popular demand, the Ol’ Blue, USA Safety Center™ is returning to the GATS after a four-year absence. Ol’ Blue, USA will have the distinction of being the only safety organization to display with the Texas Highway Patrol. Logbook presentations will be a highlight of this year’s exhibit.

    The Safety Center™ will be at booth’s #9035 and #9040.

    Sr. Trooper Monty Dial - who is one of Ol’ Blue, USA’s award-winning Ask The Law™ radio and print column guru’s - and a heck of a nice guy who has an answer for everything - will be at the Safety Center™,” said Taylor.

    As always, during the hourly vehicle inspections, audience participants will be awarded hats from Ol’ Blue, USA sponsors for correctly finding the 12 vehicle violations on 'Ol’ Blue'™ - an antique 1951 tractor and 53-foot trailer. “This is always a popular part of our presentations,” said Taylor. “You can see this for yourself by looking at our 2001 archived WebCam photos, taken at the GATS, at http://www.olblueusa.org/video/gats2001.html

    The Great American Trucking Show (GATS) Promotion

    Ol’ Blue, USA is pleased to announce that its Safety Center™ has been placed “center stage” on the GATS’s website at www.gatsonline.com

    And once again, three truck industry publications - 10-4 Magazine, Movin’ Out and The Trucker - will publish Ol’ Blue USA’s GATS PSA. These publications will be available in the Safety Center™.

    The Ol’ Blue, USA GATS PSA can viewed online at http://www.olblueusa.org/images/GATS2006_print_LR.pdf.

    Ol’ Blue, USA’s June PSA can be found at http://www.olblueusa.org/images/TTS2006_print_LR.pdf.

    Ol’ Blue, USA Praised For Making A Difference

    Ol’ Blue, USA’s founder, RJ Taylor, has been recognized as a person who makes a difference within the trucking industry. So says Lyndon Finney, editor of The Trucker.

    In his “Eye on Trucking” column, which appeared in the July 15 - 31, 2006, issue of The Trucker (pages 81 and 82), Finney acknowledges Taylor as one of four outstanding individuals who, because of their passion for trucking, are continually working for the betterment of trucking.

    Finney recognized Taylor for his Ol’ Blue, USA’s dedication to highway safety education safety and the dedicated group of people who work tirelessly with him, many of whom are law enforcement personnel.

    The article can also be found on the Internet at http://www.thetrucker.com/features/715_eye_column.aspx.

    Ask The Law™ Q & A Column

    The Ask The Law™ Q & A column - which appears regularly in 10-4 Magazine, Movin’ Out and The Trucker - has been “a tremendous success,” Taylor reported.

    The monthly column is provided as a public service by Alcoa Wheel Products.

    The column is also archived on the Ol’ Blue USA website at http://www.olblueusa.org/AskTheLaw/QA.html.

    Ask The Law™ Radio Program

    While in Dallas for the Great American Trucking Show, Ol’ Blue, USA will be doing its Ask The Law™ radio programs live from the studios of the Midnight Radio Network and the Open Road Cafe.

    An ongoing educational effort between Ol’ Blue, USA and commercial law enforcement agencies, Ask The Law™’s specific purpose is to have truckers call or e-mail Ol’ Blue, USA and pose questions to law enforcement officials relating to safety and legal issues concerning commercial vehicles.

    Thanks to Ol’ Blue, USA sponsor Alcoa, there will be three radio programs, totaling 11 hours of airtime. Dates and times for the programs can be found online at www.SafetyTour.org.

    Ol’ Blue, USA “Ask The Law” Radio Broadcasts Can Be Heard “Anytime”

    Past shows of Ol’ Blue, USA’s “Ask The Law”™ radio program can now be heard via the Internet.

    To listen to the most recent recorded broadcasts, from May 31, go to http://www.olblueusa.org/AskTheLaw/radio.

    Emphasis On Safety

    Too often, traffic and highway safety initiatives to reduce the number and frequency of traffic collisions take a back seat to other programs, observed Taylor. “That has been the case for Ol’ Blue, USA, as well as other such organizations, as sponsorships have dwindled over the past several years.

    “We are finding that many companies are merely paying lip service to the importance of highway safety,” he continued. “When it comes to actually demonstrating their support by putting their money where their mouth is - as that old saying goes, there is always some excuse as to why they can’t afford it.”

    This is a very sad state of affairs, affirmed Taylor.

    Ol’ Blue, USA is the only non-profit charitable organization dedicated to highway safety education, and to improving relations between the motoring public, law enforcement and commercial drivers, Taylor explained. It works toward these goals by conducting free programs at truck industry events, truck stops, community events, public schools, publications and radio programs around the country.

    These programs take place during Ol’ Blue, USA’s annual Safety Tour with its antique 1951 tractor and 53-foot “rolling billboard” trailer that showcases sponsor logos and serves as the stage for the Ol’ Blue team’s mock truck inspections and other safety demonstrations. Among those sponsoring Ol’ Blue, USA is Alcoa Wheel Products, Shell Rotella T, The Truck Show - Las Vegas, and Michelin Tire Corp.

    “The idea is to bring all parts of the community together, creating a united group committed to improved traffic and highway safety,” said Taylor.

    Among Ol’ Blue, USA’s many programs are several that educate children and their families about safety around large vehicles, “which helps to encourage a new generation of more safety conscious traffic practices,” he continued. Supporting the school programs, once again with a generous grant, is Truck Writers of North America.

    For more information on Ol’ Blue, USA and its programs, visit www.OlBlueUSA.org or send a Fax to 775-514-1930.

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