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    Truck Show Latino 2005
    October 13, 14 & 15
    Show Times
    Thursday: 1 PM - 7PM
    1 PM - 7 PM
    Saturday: 11 AM - 6 PM
    Click the link above. Register and pick up your free sponsor's hat from Ol' Blue, USA at our Safety Center© Booth in the show.

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    Ol' Blue is a registered Trademark of RJ Taylor. All trademarks are those of the respective owners.

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  • " SAFETY TOUR© 2001 "

    October 2000 - September 2001

    Ol' Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance, Inc. a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization) recently concluded its 2001 National Highway Safety Tour. It attracted an estimated audience and impressions of 20,049,297.

    0 During The 2001 Tour, 'Ol' Blue'® and the Rolling Billboard traveled 10,610 miles through 18 states and held 19 events, some of which were 3 days long. Overnight or break stops were made in 73 cities, including 70 truck-stops (1,073.75 total hours spent at them). Each of these stops generated interest from both truckers and the public. On-the road exposure was 1,150,000 impressions (where trailer was viewed while driving).

    'Ol 'Blue'® and its 53-foot Rolling Billboard trailer, complete with Sponsor's and law enforcement logos, has proven to be an asset in attracting attention to its safety programs and their supporters. To date, Ol' Blue, USA has the only non-governmental vehicle in the country permitted to carry law enforcement logos.

    This attraction to 'Ol' Blue' and its sponsor-logoed Rolling Billboard has enabled RJ Taylor, president of Ol' Blue, USA, to expand on the programs and the organization's goal: to develop a cooperative working relationship between motor carriers, commercial motor vehicle drivers, the enforcement community and other users of the National Highway System.

    With 'Ol' Blue' and its Rolling Billboard, Ol' Blue, USA's team, along with federal agencies from NHTSA, USDOT/FMCSA, USDOT/RSPA and state/city law enforcement officers from California, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Ohio and Texas, were able to conduct the following for the corporate and industrial communities:

    • Safety Center © (Trade Shows)
    • Safety Minute © with Ol' Blue USA (Radio Program & Web page)
    • Ask The Law © with Ol' Blue, USA (Radio Program)
    • Ask The Law © at Ol' Blue, USA (Web page and E-mail)
    • Hands-on safety workshops
    • Demonstrations for preventive maintenance
    • Simulated roadside inspections
    • Safety seminars on large vehicles and cars sharing the highways
    • Big Wheels, Little Kids © (School visit program & Educational Web site)

    Safety Center ©

    The Ol' Blue, USA "Safety Center 2001" was center stage at four major trade shows: Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky; North American Truck Show in Boston, Massachusetts; International Trucking Show in Las Vegas, Nevada; and The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas. “Mid-America has long been a staunch supporter of the safety programs brought to our show,” said Tim Young, President of the Mid-America Trucking Show. These shows attracted a combined audience of more than 163,514 attendees.

    School Program

    Big Wheels, Little Kids© -
    Large Vehicle Traffic Safety demonstrations were created for 4,098 students and adults in programs at 8 schools. The Big Wheels, Little Kids programs were hosted by Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, City of Houston Police Department (TX), Shell Rotella T, Truck.Net, Hampton Bays New York Fire and Police Departments, The Layman Family, Warren County (KY), Triad Local School District (OH), Ed & Carol Ropp Trucking, Executive West Hotel Employees, and the Toy Convoy

    "Shell ROTELLA® T has a long history in promoting safety, and sponsoring Ol' Blue, USA is a wonderful way to continue ensuring that children and their parents can be as safe as possible on the road and around large vehicles." This is the statement of Earl Blanchette, Manager Commercial Products for Shell Rotella T, who during the Mid-America Trucking Show presented a check in the amount of $10,000 to the Big Wheels, Little Kids© safety programs of Ol' Blue, USA.

    Radio Programs

    A Safety Minute © with Ol’ Blue, USA promotes highway safety over the airwaves throughout North America. A Safety Minute is featured nightly on the Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network, which has a listenership of over 2 million per month. Safety Minute is hosted by David “Cabover” Kolman and is sponsored, in part, by Shell Rotella® T. These tips can also be viewed on Ol’ Blue, USA’s Web site at www.olblueusa.org/radio.

    Ask The Law© with Ol’ Blue USA is featured twice a year (March and August) on the Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network. The network has a listenership of more than sixty-six thousand nightly. Featured on this program is Sergeant Kennis Miles and Sr. Trooper Monty Dial from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) “License & Weight Division”. Listeners have the opportunity to call in from midnight till 4 a.m. on the Shell Rotella T’s 800-phone line and ask law and safety related questions. Listeners on the Internet can E-mail askthelaw@olblueusa.org and ask questions also.

    "In the three years that we've been airing the Ask The Law with Ol’ Blue, USA feature on the Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network, we have continually heard from our listeners what a wonderful program it is," said Mindy Baker, Marketing Director of the network. "They say it's always informative and they get some nice insight into law enforcement and its activities."

    Our Website: www.olblueusa.org

    In January of 1998, Ol’ Blue, USA was a one-page web site. Today, the site has over 100 pages. This is in great thanks to our Webmasters, Deborah Layman and Gerry Kissell along with our story editors, Kathy Harders, Gary Bricken and David “Cabover” Kolman.

    The site now includes information on pre-trip inspections, updated news, live and archived pictures from Web-Cam broadcasts of trades shows and programs. Along with information on sponsors, our National Highway Safety Tour schedule, our Big Wheels, Little Kids School Program along with our online storybook.

    Also included is Streaming Video©, and MP3© along with the history of Ol’ Blue, USA, financial statements, insurance coverage explanation and much more.

    Presently, there are over 142 outside websites linked to the Ol’ Blue, USA site along with 401 search engines allowing access to our site. This site generated 275, 410 hits in the month of September, 2001.

    With over 6 million websites on the Internet today, The Ol’ Blue, USA website is among the most frequently visited, according to Alexa, (www.alexa.com) an Internet company that tracks website "hits. "Alexa's most recent ranking shows, as of October 15th, that www.olblueusa.org is among the top 5% of sites in terms of traffic," said Alexis Rossi, Editorial Director of Alexa.com.

    Click to Visit Several websites, in particular, need to be recognized for their extra coverage of Ol' Blue, USA’s safety tips with “A Safety Minute” Ad Banner as a PSA, on their home page. They are:

    Community Events



    Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, Houston Police Department and Warren County Kentucky, hosted community events, truck and rest stop events and assemblies, with an estimated audience of 6,275. Other county, city and state agencies that played a big roll in these and other events were California Highway Patrol; Champaign County Ohio Fire & Sheriff’s Department; Dallas Police Department; Hampton Bays New York Fire and Police Departments; Indiana State Police; Kentucky State Police; Louisville Police Department; Mechanicsburg Ohio Sheriff’s Department; Ohio State Highway Patrol; Texas DPS License & Weight; Texas DPS Motor Vehicle Theft; City of Vandalia Ohio Police Department and Warren County Kentucky Sheriff’s Department.


    Once again the media has been supportive of Ol' Blue, USA and its activities. We have had coverage of, among other things, our National Highway Safety Tour, Safety Center, School Programs and Community Events.

    Several of the media, in particular, need to be recognized for their coverage of Ol' Blue, USA. They are:

    • Television: Trade Show Television Network (cable TV) and WBKO-TV (ABC)
    • Radio: WLW-Radio, WBAP-Radio, WBVR-Radio, WKTC-Radio, WDNS-Radio and XM Radio
    • Print: RoadKing Magazine, The Trucker, Movin' Out, rpm Magazine, RoadStar, Daily News (Bowling Green KY) and Northeast News (Houston, TX)
    • Internet: Layover.com, TruckNet.com, LOADS.org, The Trucker.com, RoadKing.com, Movinout.com, TWNA.org and Truckpoint.com

    These media attracted a combined audience of more than 1,431,768.

    Since the media figures quoted represent known coverage of Ol' Blue, USA, there could still be a significant unknown coverage by media. A full spectrum of trade, print, TV and radio was represented. Reports continue to come in daily. A media report on coverage of the Ol' Blue, USA “National Highway Safety Tour” is handled in a separate attachment

    Sponsors, What Was In It For You?

    Sponsorship of Ol' Blue, USA demonstrates your company’s commitment to highway safety. And let’s face it, perceptions are critical when it comes to a company’s “public” image and the sale of its products.

    Consider further, that with growing traffic congestion and road rage, highway safety is becoming an ever-growing concern for motorists and truckers alike.

    Michelin has been with Ol’ Blue, USA since our first event, in 1986. "Ol' Blue, USA represents the best in the trucking industry when it comes to promoting safety. In these times of challenges and multiple demands, it pays to keep safety at the top of mind. Our company is proud to have been Ol' Blue's longest term sponsor," said Randy Clark, Vice President of Marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires.

    You can take great pride that your organization is one of the select companies doing something for highway safety. Ol Blue's new brochure can be viewed at: http://www.olblueusa.org/brochure/index.html

    Funding www.olblueusa.org/sponsors.html

    Ol' Blue, USA's funding comes from its Sponsors; Shell Oil Company, Michelin Americas Truck Tires, Alcoa Wheel Corp., Webb Wheel Corp., Mid-America Trucking Show, International Trucking Show and The Great American Trucking Show. In addition, $10,000 Grant Donations to the “Big Wheels, Little Kids” school programs came in from Shell Rotella T and Truck.Net and additional cash donations came in from LOADS.org, TWNA.org, NetTrans.com and Warren County Kentucky. Ol’ Blue, USA also received "in-kind" donations from Michelin Americas Truck Tires, (New Brochure), Peterson Manufacturing (LED lights), Espar Heater Systems (Trailer Heater) and Truck.Net (Hosting our Website). You can view our IRS Tax Report for 2001 at http://www.olblueusa.org/tax/forms/2001/page01.html.


    As detailed elsewhere, having your logo on Ol' Blue, USA's Rolling Billboard this year alone has meant that some 2.8 million people have seen your company name, and seen it in conjunction with highway safety.

    Divide the "investment” of your Ol' Blue, USA sponsorship into 2.8 million, and you will see that the cost to reach these people is quite a bargain.

    Program Overview

    During trade shows, Ol' Blue, USA conducts simulated road-side inspections with state law enforcement to educate drivers on procedures. By placement of mirrors underneath 'Ol' Blue'®, the vintage 1951 tractor, drivers can watch the officer making the inspection. During other safety events, these inspections are normally conducted with RJ sitting behind the wheel of the truck.

    Watching officers actually conduct a road-side inspection gives drivers and mechanics a better idea of what to expect during such an inspection. Furthermore, they get a good idea of what they should check during their own safety inspections. Question and answer sessions are held after each demonstration

    Another benefit of these simulated inspections is that it provides drivers and law enforcement the opportunity to get to know each other and get an appreciation for each other’s duties, responsibilities and challenges. The relationship between the two is typically adversarial. Through the Ol' Blue, USA inspections, drivers and law enforcement get a feel for what each goes through. To spark the interaction, Ol' Blue, USA gives sponsor's caps to those whom ask questions

    This unique traffic safety program has already reached thousands of people in its efforts to educate and build unity among truck drivers, law enforcement and the public at large. Response continues to be rewarding. Schools and truck stops have asked about making this an annual event. And the program's value was not lost on those in the states who benefited from this program. Requests to join the program were made from many sources. (Copies available upon request).

    Our office is receiving calls from all over the nation asking that the Ol' Blue, USA Safety Tour pay a visit during next year's program. The Safety Tour©, Safety Center© and Big Wheels, Little Kids© safety programs continue to expand in their quest for safer roads and safer highways across the nation.

    Ol' Blue, USA's President and Board of Directors want to sincerely thank each and every one of our sponsors, donors, law enforcement and volunteers. Were it not for all of you, we would not be able to carry on what we all believe to be a most worthy and valuable goal: "People Working Together For Highway Safety"®.

    And finally, we want to recognize some very special people who have devoted considerable, time, effort and dedication in support of Ol' Blue, USA and its projects. We couldn’t have had such a successful year had it not been for Sam Eichenberger, Pam Hagen, Cliff McHenry, Sharon & Monty Rhoades, Beverly Steele, Robert Harders & Family, Terry Layman & Family, Claudia Graser & Family, Ofc. Greg Hardin, Bill Elmore MCS 1, Ofc. Harold Barthe’ and Bob Conrad & Family. Photos by Stan Holtzman, Deborah Layman, Larry Long & Don Rector.

    Again, thank you for your support.


    is a registered trademark.

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