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  • SCHOOL NEWS 2004
    Note from Ol’ Blue, USA:
    Thanks to  and Sgt. Charlie Carty with  for hosting the event described below at Ringgold Elementary School on March 12, 2004.

     Thanks also to Ms. Jillian Fry and The Benton Courier for covering this event.


    April 7-22, 2004

    “Ol’ Blue can teach the rest of us a thing or two”

    It’s all about understanding.  That’s what driver education and share the road programs are all about.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t much information in many programs about how to drive around tractor-trailers.

    But that isn’t the case with Ol’ Blue, USA.  I’ve spent time with RJ Taylor at a variety of truck shows.  In that time I’ve grown to respect his desire to provide a resource for truckers to learn more about the ins and outs of safe driver, DOT compliance, etc.  His “I’m here when you’re ready to ask the questions” type approach at the shows has always been met with great response.

    Jami Jones

    He has various law enforcement officials who will talk candidly about those pesky log-book rules, scenarios that led to violations — you name it, they are there for you.

    Recently, I spent the day with RJ at my sons’ elementary school.  He was heading through the area toward Louisville for the Mid-America Trucking Show.  We’d talked about getting him in the central Arkansas area for some time to give one of his “Big Wheels, Little Kids” Safety Program presentations, and it finally happened.

    My kids are real fans of trucking.  Of course, they get that from home, like most of your kids do.  So, I wasn’t thinking there was too much RJ could tell them I hadn’t already talked about.

    RJ hammed it up for the kids and presented a great message.  But by far the most fascinating part was listening to the teachers and their collective reactions to various parts of RJ’s message.

    Every driver knows about blind spots.  But for some reason most don’t realize just how huge a truck’s blind spot can be.  Fortunately, some trailers point this out with stickers and such on the back or on mud flaps, but that doesn’t mean the point sinks in.

    As RJ was demonstrating the vastness of a truck’s blind spot, I heard one teacher whisper to another, “That’s why I speed around them and hurry up and get back over in front of them so they can see me.”

    No sooner than that was out of her mouth, did RJ launch into the lecture about how far in front of the tractor a car has to be before a trucker can see tail lights.  That set her back a step or two.

    I seized the opportunity to step over and explain the big picture.

    Being scared of 18-wheelers isn’t the answer.  Understanding is the answer.  Knowledge is the best asset for everyone on the road.  As much as we take time to understand threats and potential dangers around our homes and such, we should spend the same amount of time learning about the ones that lurk on the highways.

    The smarter our driving habits are and the more we give way to the limitations of others, the safer everyone will be.

    The message is simple.  A lot of you don’t get the opportunity to talk this up with people who simply have never been told.  But try to make it a point to share your knowledge, not to breed fear but understanding.

    That’s what RJ does and it really works.

    Ms. Jami Jones can be reached at (800) 666-2770, ext. 28, e-mailed at editor@thetrucker.com or by writing her at P.O. Box 3413, Little Rock, AR 72203.

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