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      Ol' Blue, USA NEWS for May, 2001

    The Challenge Continues to Grow

    May 2001, Van Nuys, CA: "Shell ROTELLA® T has a long history in promoting safety and sponsoring Ol' Blue®, USA is a wonderful way to continue ensuring that children and their parents can be as safe as possible on the road and around big rigs." This is the statement of Earl Blanchette, Manager Commercial Products for Shell Rotella T who during the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) presented a check in the amount of $10,000 to the Big Wheels, Little Kids© safety program of Ol' Blue, USA.

    Big Wheels, Little Kids is a school program incorporated into the Ol' Blue, USA agenda, visiting schools throughout the nation, providing students with education and the importance of safety around large vehicles.

    In November of 2000, TruckNet (www.trucknet.com), a division of iFleet, Inc., presented the program with a donation of $10,000 at the Great American Truck Show (GATS) and made a challenge to the industry to meet their donation. Since that challenge, others have stepped forward with donated amounts including Truck Writers of North America (TWNA) with $1,000 contribution, Loved Ones and Drivers Support (LOADS) with a $500 contribution.

    Also presenting a donation to the school program was Darren Brewer of NetTrans (www.nettrans.com) in the amount of $1,000. "NetTrans is proud to support the Big Wheels, Little Kids School Program because of the unique learning experience it provides to thousands of children in public schools across the country. Being able to see Ol' Blue and interact with RJ Taylor is an exciting and positive experience that children will remember for a lifetime."

    Ol' Blue, USA does not solicit donations and contributions from drivers, however on behalf of two drivers, Bill Elmore and Rikki Chequer, TruckNet presented additional contributions to the program. Both drivers, assisting in the booth responsibilities of TruckNet, took it upon themselves to contribute their earnings from TruckNet to the program.

    "I believe in what RJ Taylor does very much, both with 'Ol Blue USA, and with his school program. " Those are the remarks of Bill Elmore, who witnessed first hand the presentation of the Big Wheels, Little Kids program at MATS. "I have and will continue to donate my time and knowledge, just as RJ, to promote safety. If we can all convince others that safety is a concern for us all, we can help reduce the number of injuries and deaths," states Bill Elmore. He continued to say,"Many others, as well as my own family, are out there on the roads. I want to come home to my family and have them come home to me. But all too often, people forget that they are sharing the roads with the families of others. In my job, I see more than I would care to. It saddens me more than I can say when I have to do an accident investigation. I find the cause of the Ol' Blue, USA programs useful to all, to help save lives."

    Rikki Chequer traveled from the UK to visit the USA and the trucking show. On Thursday morning, Rikki witnessed over a hundred school students partake in the Big Wheels, Little Kids program, he witnessed the awe in the eyes of the children, the assistance of various law enforcement agencies, all working together to save lives. "This program to me was the greatest safety program I've ever witnessed. If just one child's' life is saved, then this program has validated itself many times over" recalls Rikki. "Not only education, but a wonderful advertisement for the transportation industry, all walks of life working together to save lives."

    Under the Ol' Blue, USA program, "Big Wheels, Little Kids" school visitation program takes Ol' Blue' to schools to give students an up close and personal view of trucking and the safety considerations large vehicles and car drivers face. "Big Wheels, Little Kids" information is also available on the Internet at www.olblueusa.org/schools/schools.html

    Ol' Blue, USA's  News Editor Gary Bricken

      Vandalia Drummer News

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