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      Ol' Blue, USA NEWS for January, 1999

    Ol' Blue, USA's Agenda
    & Hopes For '99

          VAN NUYS, CA...Well, here we are at the start of another new year already! Last year was great for Ol' Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance, Inc.). During the course of the last 12 months we traveled 10,500 miles putting on 11 safety demonstrations, appearing at 3 trade shows, and presenting 14 "Big Wheel, Little Kids" programs for a total of 28 safety events featuring the Ol' Blue, USA safety message. We reached 15 million people by all accounts. Not bad for a Non-Profit Charitable Organization that lost a couple of Sponsors due to budget cuts and no Federal Grant last year. Many thanks to Michelin Tire, Shell Oil, Alcoa Wheel, Wilshire Insurance, Webb Wheel Products, Mid-America and International Trucking Shows for sticking with us, and displaying a true concern for highway safety.

           Ol' Blue, USA is not going to let the loss of Sponsorship get us down or detract from our mission of educating all drivers and keeping the roads safer for all of us. Our message and lessons are of vital importance; it's just hard to convince folks that it costs money! With more Sponsors we have more money, and with more money we can make more appearances and educate more people. Seems simple, doesn't? At this writing, 87 requests have been made of Ol' Blue, USA to attend events in 1999 as far afield as Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio and Washington. So far, due to the "cut-backs", we have only been able to commit to attending the '99 Mid-America Trucking Show (Louisville, KY, March 25-27), North American Truck Show (Boston, MA, May 6- 8), International Trucking Show (Las Vegas, NV, June 9-11), and the Great American Trucking Show (Dallas, TX, Sept. 9-11), along with 10 other radio show spots, school, rest area, and truck stop visits.

           We are working hard to encourage additional Sponsorships for Ol' Blue, USA so we can fulfill all the requests for appearances, continue to grow, and spread our safety message for as long as it is needed. If you know of any reputable, safety conscious company that might be interested, please contact us or ask them to do so at P.O. Box 2401, Van Nuys, CA 91404-2401, FAX at (775) 514-1930 or visit our Website at www.olblueusa.org.

          1998 also saw the birth of plans to create a big truck simulator to further spread the message of safety around large vehicles. Engineering complications have caused Ol' Blue, USA to look at a longer time-line before this project can become a reality. By "engineering complications" we mean that, so far, we have not been able to find a company who produces a realistic, true-to- life simulator. No contributions are being sought at this time and folks who have already contributed will have their money returned until formal plans can be announced for the official start of the simulator project. Ol' Blue, USA deeply appreciates each and every dollar that was contributed to this project, and is sorry for the delay.

          One thing the new year always means to Ol' Blue, USA is getting ready for the start of the truck show season which commences with the Mid-America Trucking Show in March, 1999. Thanks to the generous efforts of that show and its management, Ol' Blue, USA has a standing date at the Mid-America show through the year 2010. By that time Ol' Blue®will be almost 60 years old and still hard at work.

           Ol' Blue, USA wants to wish everyone a safe and happy 1999 and wants to again thank all of the wonderful people who helped out Ol' Blue, USA in 1998. The time, energy and enthusiasm so generously given, makes it all possible and a big pleasure. And a special thanks to all those organizations who granted us radio time and newsprint space. That important contribution keeps the message of Ol' Blue, USA in the public eye. We sure appreciate that too. May 1999 bring everyone a prosperous and healthy and, most of all, a "Safe New Year." 

    This article appeared in the Jan 1999 issue of "Movin Out", courtesy of Steve and Pam Pollock.

    The Ol' Blue, USA Way

    In a classic Kenworth, RJ Taylor wages a one-man campaign for safety and trucking's public image.

    "Oh my gosh!" RJ Taylor moans as he sees a photo of a big truck at a grade-school show-and-tell. Kids sit in the cab, stand on the steps, bumper and fenders, hang off the grab bars. "He could lose his truck if one of those kids fell," he sighs. 

    Taylor is better known to countless truck show visitors as Ol' Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance , the name of the non-profit organization (http://www.olblueusa.org). For years, he has led a campaign to educate the public, especially impressionable children, about trucks and highway safety. 

    At the same time, he campaigns against scenes like that described above, because of the potential for injury to the children and the risk at which it puts the truck operator. 

    "Ol' Blue, USA has an insurance policy about a half-inch thick for our school visits and shows. About two pages of that tells us what we can do; the rest says what we can't do and what we must do to protect ourselves," Taylor says. Draping children, or "civilians" of any age, all over a rig for a photo session heads the no-no list, RJ says.

    Taylor's devotion to caution makes product watchdogs like Ralph Nader look like daredevils. He points to the daily news as proof that such caution is warranted. "Anybody can file a suit against you for anything. In some ways, it doesn't matter whether they can win or not," he says. 

    When he visits a school or other event, such as the recent Antique Gas and Steam Engine rally in Vista, Calif., he tries to keep audiences at least 10 feet from the beautifully restored and maintained 1951 Kenworth. He always has at least one person help guide him onto playgrounds and other display areas, with his escort looking sharp for anyone headed toward the rig. 

    Only one person a teacher or adult volunteer, sometimes a child is allowed to sit in the cab; that person describes the blind spots around the big truck and other safety items to the audience. If it's a child, a teacher must help the student get into and out of the cab, under RJ's step-by-step direction. 

    He urges drivers who want to make school visits to check with their insurance carriers before doing so; neither a basic truckman's policy nor bobtail insurance is generally sufficient, he says. 

    Taylor more or less stumbled into becoming a safety advocate. When he moved into the neighborhood back in the 1960s, local kids begged to help him clean the truck (and to ride in it). 

    In 1964, he had acquired the KW from a guy who owed him money but had only the truck as an asset. "It was 'Ol' Junk' then, not 'Ol' Blue.' I tried to sell it but nobody would buy it. Eventually I just decided to fix it up and run it." 

    Over the years, he decided to try to improve the image of trucking and also educate children about highway safety. "I figure if they learn it, they will teach their parents while they're driving down the road, because nobody can nag you like a kid in the backseat," he laughs.  With his sensitivity to potential problems, Taylor could have made a great lawyer. Instead, though he says he's still pushing on doors marked "Pull," Taylor and Ol' Blue, USA make a difference, one kid at a time

    This article appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of "Road King", courtesy of Bill Hudgins.

    "The Ol' Blue, USA Way" Contents Copyright, 1999 Road King On Ramp

    Ol' Blue, USA's  News Editor Gary Bricken


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