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  •   Ol' Blue, USA NEWS for February, 2005

    “Ask The Law”© with Ol’ Blue, USA®
    Radio Marathon
    Gets High Praise, Large Listenership

    VAN NUYS, California – February 2005 – The recent “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA Radio Marathon was a wonderful success, according to all of the parties involved in the one-day event, held live in the Arlington and Dallas, TX, studios of ABC Radio.

    The purpose of the “Ask The Law” program is to have truckers call in and pose questions relating to safety and legal issues concerning commercial vehicles. The program features Ol’ Blue, USA founder RJ Taylor, along with officials from law enforcement.

    Founded in 1986, Ol’ Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance, Inc.) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to highway safety education, and to improving relations between the motoring public, law enforcement and commercial drivers

    The “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA radio marathon began on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network on January 28 and was scheduled to run for five continuous hours, from midnight to 5 a.m. Central Time. However, the response from truckers was so great, the program was extended. Even after the program went off the air, the non-stop calls continued to be answered.

    The program then moved to the studios of Sirius Satellite Radio’s Open Road Café and continued for several more hours, starting at 7:30 a.m. Central Time. Once again, the “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA continued on beyond its scheduled ending time of 9:30 a.m.

    The law enforcement officer joining Taylor was Sr. Trooper Monty Dial, a 28-year veteran with the Texas Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.

    The Midnight Trucking Radio Network rebroadcast portions of the “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA program several times during the week of January 31.

    The “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA program, which has been on ABC radio for 6 years now, has developed a loyal and large listenership because of the informative nature of the program. As you might imagine, discussions between truckers and members of law enforcement often become quite lively.

    “The Open Café is very proud to be associated with the “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA program,” commented Mark Willis, host of the Sirius Satellite Radio’s Open Road Café.”

    He noted, “there are very few places where truckers have an opportunity to have law enforcement officials answer their concerns and questions about vehicle safety and enforcement. The “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA program provides a friendly, relaxed forum wherein truckers are able to get accurate and complete information.”

    “We salute the dedication and great work Ol’ Blue, USA does in promoting highway safety education and to improving relations between the motoring public, law enforcement and commercial drivers,” Willis added. “All of us reap the benefits from these continuing efforts.” He went on, saying he hopes the affiliation between Ol’ Blue, USA and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Open Road Café will continue for a long time.

    Meanwhile, Eric Harley, co-host of the trucker’s overnight talk program on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, also believes in the work of Ol’ Blue, USA and is glad the Network is a supporter.

    “We consider it our duty to provide the “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA feature to the drivers,” Harley remarked. “We realize there are many questions about the laws and we're happy to provide a source for the answers on The Midnight Trucking Radio Network”

    The “Ask The Law” with Ol’ Blue, USA radio program is broadcast live nationwide several times each year and is sponsored in part by Alcoa Wheel Products. The next Ask The Law radio marathon on ABC Radio is set for March 15, 30, 31, April 1, 27, 28, 29 and May 17. The program will also be heard on June 15-17. You can also check for up-dates at www.SafetyTour.org.

    These radio broadcasts will be done during Ol’ Blue, USA’s annual Safety Tour. This is where the organization’s 1951 tractor and 53-foot “rolling billboard” trailer that showcases sponsor logos travel nationwide conducting free programs at truck industry events, truck stops, community events and public schools around the country. The rig serves as the stage for the Ol’ Blue team’s mock truck inspections and other safety demonstrations.

    For more information on the “Ask The Law” program, Ol’ Blue, USA and its many programs, visit www.OlBlueUSA.org or send an E-mail to info@olblueusa.org.

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